CIISA Centro de Investigação Interdisciplinar em Sanidade Animal

The Interdisciplinary Centre of Research in Animal Health (CIISA) coordinates the research and development activities of FMV in articulation with the strategies defined by the Scientific Council. The research areas of CIISA comprise:
• Veterinary Sciences
• Agrarian Sciences
• Health Sciences
• Biotechnology
• Aquatic and marine Sciences


CIISA’s research – past and future
CIISA at a glance

Research in CIISA is structured in 4 main areas:
A - Animal Health and Prevention – Principal Investigator: Carlos Manuel Vieira Martins, with the following units:
Epidemiology and Veterinary Public Health
Infectious Diseases
Virology and Immunology
Bacteriology and Mucosal Immunity
Parasitology and Wildlife, Feral and Zoo Animals

B – Food Safety and Technology – Principal Investigator: Armando Louzã, with the following units:
Food Inspection
Food Biochemistry
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Technology of Products of Animal Origin

C – Pathology and Medicine – Principal Investigator: Maria da Conceição Cunha Vasconcelos Peleteiro, with the following units:
Physiology and Development Biology
Pathology and Histology
Teaching Hospital and special clinics: Surgery, Medicine, Imagiology.
Large Animals Medicine

D – Biotechnology and Animal Production – Principal Investigator: Carlos Mendes Godinho Andrade Fontes, with the following units:
Nutrition and Biotechnology
Animal production
Tropical Animal Science.


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